CIOforum Belgian Business plans to involve and inspire CXO’s


CIOforum Belgian Business has a new president since December 2015.
Erwin Verstraelen, the CIO of Aveve, wants to build on top of the foundations of the organization but has also the ambition to explore and accentuate new possibilities.

Decision makers looking for insight

“We are living in interesting times” says Erwin Verstraelen. “Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing and virtual reality provide wings to the digital economy. The 4th industrial revolution is happening today. Smart devices become actors. The economy becomes programmable.

Decision makers in IT and Business roles are struggling with the complexities of potential solutions. They are all looking for insight and understanding. Co-Creation is the new normal. Individuals are no longer able to innovate or improve results. How do we co-create value for the business? How to improve your results using innovation? The CIOforum has a privileged position to help and support the strategic decision process. Therefore we aim to expand our forum with a new focus.”

New focus points

As an engaged organization, the CIOforum has the ambition to broaden its role and increase its impact. We have the ambition to involve other CXO level executives of our members in all our activities. We want to inspire and be inspired by others. “We have the ambition to mix and confront our vast experience with the enthusiasm of startups and early stagers.” As an organization we also want to take up our social responsibility and are eager to participate in the broader discussion on job creation and job happiness. Where needed, we will join forces with other organizations to express a point of view or to clean up a roadblock in the digital economy.

About CIOforum Belgian Business:
CIOforum Belgian Business is a networking community where you can share knowledge and collaborate with peers on strategic IT issues. The CIOforum was created to allow members to ask and share information to benefit of the entire Belgian IT community. The CIOforum provides a unique network to address the issues and trends that IT professionals face, in an increasingly changing business environment. We organize networking events and provide an interactive social platform to bring IT professionals together in an open and trustworthy community.

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