Summer Event – Technology Day

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14:30 - 21:00


Kasteel Tivoli, Mechelen


14.30 Welcome & Registration

15.00 Introduction by Peter Vermeylen, Chairman CIOforum & Corporate IT Director Ardena

15.15 Opening Keynote – Deevid De Meyer, Digital Strategist@Unmute You

Deevid has given more than hundred keynotes about various topics surrounding AI and quantum computing. He is passionate about everything revolving IT, Science, History, Philosophy and Humanity in general. Deevid will inspire us in his opening keynote and provide us a comprehensive view on these topics and how they are further evolving.

During this keynote Deevid will focus on the newest and most promising technologies, with insight in their applications and how companies can prepare for upcoming disruptions. From AI to machine learning up to mixed reality and quantum computing, Deevid will analyse how these technologies will change our way of living and working.

16.00 5 Break-out Sessions of 25 min including short break

Deep Learning-enabled AI helps keep shoplifters out by Nancy Flinterman, Supermarket Manager Albert-Heijn Peeters-Govers Turnova and Pieter Hermans, Managing Partner of DNCS
Albert Heijn and DNCS joined hands to catch shoplifters in the act. Powering the installed CCTV system with a Deep Learning AI engine enables staff to identify and confront thieves. The AI system constantly analyses human gestures and alerts staff members in a telegram channel they use for internal communication. Feedback is captured and used for reporting and optimization. The goal: substantially reduce financial losses and deter criminal activities.

AI: Trust me if you dare, by Clovis Six, CEO BloomUp and Mattias De Groe, CCO of Omina Technologies
Across all industries, there is a shift toward automated, more personalized and continuous service, with much greater impact. But to make this shift a reality, it requires data, and increasingly personal and sensitive data as well, taking into account privacy laws, preferences and user trust. The latter is extremely complex, causing many innovations to fail or not even get started. On top of that, many companies lack the resources to build and maintain AI solutions. In the future, it is crucial that business leaders and experts can also easily translate their business objectives and requirements into the AI solution. The solution to this tension between innovation and privacy legislation lies in the use of trustworthy and privacy-respecting AI. The case study will show this!

How AI disruption impacts businesses by Bart Vandenreijt, Chief Data & Analytics Officer – Member Executive committee at Partenamut (enabled by Micropole BeLux)
Bart is passionate about understanding the way data and AI disruption impacts businesses. Helping organizations with that specific challenge, is what he does best. With a unique and successful track record in change, transformation, and innovation within three different data rich sectors of activity, his experience is crucial in his current role at Partenamut.
He fulfilled roles in different departments such as sales and marketing, product development, strategy, channel operations, partnerships and business process optimization. In each of these roles he set up new teams, transformed existing business models and developed new value streams. Each time generating measurable value.

Always On: a disruptive re-think of service resilience and reliability by Hendrik Devos, Technical Sales Leader Kyndryl Belgium and Luxembourg
Outages on mission-critical IT systems have a tremendous impact, whether it’s financial and economic or from a reputation and compliance point of view. Because such modern production systems often comprise hundreds of dependencies, it is likely that something somewhere is failing at any given time. Therefore Kyndryl “Always On” starts from the principle that everything breaks, and we plan for it. The “Always On” principles start from the ability to transparently withstand component failures, the ability to introduce changes non-disruptively, and the ability to withstand a catastrophe transparently or nearly transparently. Evolving toward “Always On” is typically a disruptive change encompassing people (a change in culture), applications and data (developed for resiliency), process (continuous operations), and technology (data center topology, IT infrastructure and middleware).

The Smart and Automated Brussels Metro network is the lifeblood of the city, by MIVB and Alex Bosmans, Country Manager BeLux Extreme Networks
Without the metro system, public life in Brussels would grind to a standstill. Over the years, the metro lines have gradually reached the limits of what they can achieve in terms of capacity, efficiency and operability. This has brought us dangerously close to not being able to keep up with demand anymore. We needed a new mission critical network solution that would help us identify new efficiencies and automate manual processes. In Extreme Networks, they found a trusted and reliable partner that has helped MIVB turn tomorrow’s vision of a smart, automated and efficient metro network into a reality.

18.15 Closing Keynote – Bart Van den Bosch, CIO UZ Leuven

How UZ Leuven started a spin-off: the economic and strategic yarn of the birth of nexuzhealth
UZ Leuven has always used technology as a lever for innovation. The internally developed medical file KWS was quickly used as a central file by many hospitals. But it was precisely this growth in hospitals and the need to take a step towards the cloud that made UZ Leuven opt for a spin-off. We provide an overview of the strategic and technological decisions that led to the creation of nexuzhealth.

18.55 Closing by Peter Vermeylen

19.00 Networking opportunity accompanied by food and drinks

21.00 End of the Event


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