Global CIO Perspectives

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17:30 - 22:00


Kasteel Tivoli, Mechelen


18.00 Registration and welcome drink

18.30 Welcome & Introduction
Erwin Verstraelen, Chairman CIOforum

18.35 Introduction
Raf Alexander, Managing Partner and Co-founder Flexso
Arnaud Bacros, Managing Director EMC Belgium and Luxemburg

18.45 The Modern Data Platform
Jonathan Basse, Co-founder and CTO Data Essential

19.05 Predictive big data analytics in maintenance
Juergen Moors, Head of technical Verbund Management BASF
Big Data feasibility study for efficient use of Big Data.
Chemical Companies have automated processes that generate much data. Currently most of that data is used one-sided or not used at all.
Scope of our feasibility study involves:

  • What data is compatible and can be combined and/or consolidated. (process data, Alarms and SAP,…)
  • From an Operational Excellence point of view what can be learned and what can be used in the Operations of a 30 year old plant?
  • How can this data predict failure on a critical asset in the production process and how can we interpret this data on mid to long term predictive maintenance.
  • What efforts are required to initiate a successful project, based on the data interpretations?

19.25 A collaborative governance model that helps create value from data
Sophie Angenot, Managing Partner QuaData and President Data Quality Association vzw
Data is still considered to be “an IT thing”, but IT and business are growing closer to each other: Business people use self-service-BI and -Data Integration tools that bring them closer (and sometimes in competition with!) the IT department.
IT starts to realise that it’s not just about making loads of data available, but that these data actually can be transformed in valuable information.
Provided the data is: well formatted, well defined, accurate, unique, etc… To get there IT needs input from business people. Summarised: the new model will be collaborative. And that collaboration will only work in a well governed environment.
Sophie’s presentation will take you to a world where business and IT decide together about one of the most valuable assets of our future economy: “Data”.

19.45 Data Classification and Data Governance
Hans van Heghe, Managing Director Knowliah
Data Classification is one of the most crucial elements of an effective information Governance process—yet it’s also one that many companies fail to implement well.
In its simplest terms, data classification is the process of categorizing content based on its level of sensitivity. When done properly, the classification of content helps a company determine the most appropriate level of safeguards and controls that need to be in place.
With Data Classification and Governance you can now automate largely this complex subject, with little to zero-effort for the user, and yet guaranteeing maximal Compliance.

20.05 Closing & looking forward to our Masterclass & CIO Speaker’s Café on October 25
Koen De Maere, Information Manager BASF
“The facts and fables behind cyber security”.

20.10 Networking opportunity accompanied by food and drinks