Workgroup; Best Practices to overcome and manage Software Audits (CIO’s only)

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15:00 - 18:00


CIOforum, Zandhoven


15.00 Registration and welcome drink

15.30 Start of the Workgroup

Research figures are showing a continued increase in the number of license audits conducted by software vendors. Gartner recently suggested that you have only 35 percent chance of going a whole 12 months without receiving at least one software license audit request. Moreover the increasingly complex licensing models are often a cause of extended disputes and can lead to significant unplanned investments.  

In line with the mission of the CIOforum to support and unify the Belgian CIO community we would like to cordially invite you to the workgroup “Best Practices to overcome and manage Software Audits”. The focus of this workgroup will be on sharing experiences and best practices related to preparing for a software audit, responding to an audit request and settling an audit outcome.

18.00 Closing of the Workgroup