Dear member,
In the future we would like to work with internet facilities when you can’t attend a board meeting.

We have choosen to use SKYPE for this matter.

How does it work ?
For every meeting we will set up an account by CIOforum. You call in at start of the meeting.

The attendees in the meeting room will accept and the conversation can start.

(note: the attendees on a SKYPE meeting platform are limited to 10)



1. Install the Skype app on your phone/tablet/computer/… if not available

Website Skype, where you find the app for every eco system: click here or copy below

Windows 8: click here or copy below

Android: click here or copy below

Iphone: click here or copy below

Ipad: click here or copy below `

2. Login or Create your account

3. Call when the meeting starts. The CIOforum contact will be online

4. If contact is unavailable at step 3, Go to contacts
Add the member (skype name) who is leading the meeting.


If questions, don’t hesitate to contact the back office.