Launched in 2001, the CIOforum is a networking community where you can share knowledge and collaborate with peers on strategic IT issues.  The CIOforum was created to allow members to ask and share information to benefit of the entire Belgian IT community. The CIOforum provides a unique network to address the issues and trends that IT professionals face, in an increasingly changing business environment.  The CIOforum is also connected to the EuroCIO (European) Forum and the Dutch CIOforum community.

The European CIO Association (EuroCIO) is the only European, independent, not-for-profit representative for the large IT-users (demand side of IT), both private and public. With far over 600 organizations as members, represented by their highest IT-manager or CIO and representing over 500.000 IT workers, EuroCIO is “the” largest organization in its kind also at global level, with links to other CIO communities around the world.

Our Mission

Our mission statement remains the same since 2001. We differentiate ourselves by remaining authentic and focused to our goals and tactics because we care only about the interest of all members and partners.


Today’s Identity Card

The CIOforum vzw is by its member IT organisations represented in 33 business sectors, 120 countries with a workforce of 11 000 employees and a total budget of 2,5 billion Euro.


“To become a professional and independent non-profit organization to unify and support the IT community of Belgian business.”