digital transformation


There’s a longlist of former top companies that have lost market share or totally disappeared. Digital disruption may be a threat to your company as well. Do CEOs realize it? According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, 86% of them acknowledge the importance of digital, but a mere 56% see it as an asset for increased competition and disruption in their markets. Only 45% see it as a growth strategy. As a result, most or 83% of the CEOs don’t have a clear strategy. That’s scary.

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Forget about digital transformation

We have had quite a few discussions and keynotes about digital transformation this year. At our latest year end event, Agfa’s CEO Christian Reinaudo gave us food for thought: “Why still talk about digital transformation? Everything’s digital anyhow. Call it transformation, period.
Okay, we shouldn’t throw away all texts and talks on the subject, but Christian had a point. Digital transformation is just one part of the digitalization.

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