Successful Masterclass on Digitalization


Our masterclass on HR Digitalization was fully booked.  For those who have missed it, here you’ll find our 9 takeaways:

  • Ensure that your employees love to come to work.
    This is a fundamental principle.  Employer branding should go ‘hand in hand’ with satisfied employees
  • Be specific (and realistic) about your expectations with regards to digital skills.
    Identify the hard and soft skills which  are required to do the job.
    Don’t expect too much. Make your expectations very clear (also in relation with labor unions)
  • Develop a sustainable policy with regards to lifelong learning (and invest in it).  
    Hiring young graduates will not be a sustainable solution to preserve digital skills on the long term.
    Instead, you also have a role to play to develop digital talents along their journey.
  • Foster your relations with other C-level executives and Inspire
    The time when CIO’s were focusing on cost effective ICT is over now.
    Other C-level executives want you to inspire them with value creating opportunities to optimize the business processes.
  • Create a shared vision on how ICT can contribute to the core business processes
    Ensure that there is a good alignment between ‘what the organization wants’ and ‘what ICT can deliver’.
  • Do not forget your ICT Governance 
    Demonstrate your value contribution through a Business Case and ensure you’ll keep your main risks under control (next to being ‘Agile’, ‘Lean’ and a ‘Design Thinker’)
  • Develop your roadmap 
    Develop a portfolio of investments linked to your business drivers
  • Look at the data
    Evaluate the effectiveness of your ‘roadmap’ based on the data generated by your systems.
  • Share experience with other organizations.
    ‘Network’ and ‘learn from others’