Year End Event on Sustainability

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16:00 - 21:00


Salons Van Edel, Wilrijk

F2F event

16.00 Welcome & Registration

16.30 Introduction by Peter Vermeylen, Chairman CIOforum & Corporate IT Director Ardena

16.45 The Belgian Alliance for Climate Action (BACA) with Shanice Wanjiku and Sofie Pierreux call for urgent action now to a carbon neutral society

BACA brings together more than 100 Belgian organizations with genuine climate ambitions. Uniting forces from the corporate, academic, and non-profit sector, BACA actively builds a community of climate frontrunners. Together there is the belief that now is the time to walk the talk and work towards a carbon neutral society. Shanice Wanjiku is a marketeer, performance artist, challenger and board member helping organisations tell compelling stories for an inclusive world. Equipped with a scientific background and complemented with an affinity for language (including music), Sofie Pierreux is active as Climate Communicator for BACA . Fascinated by the power of the narrative , Sofie seeks to inspire and motivate different audiences around the climate topic.

17.30 Agoria with Bart Steukers, CEO, and Bart Van Nynatten, CIO. The sustainable transition is an unprecedented opportunity

Agoria is the largest federation within the Federation of Belgian Enterprises and has more than 2000 technology companies from the manufacturing industry and the digital and telecom sectors among its members. To provide a response to current global challenges such as digitalization, the creation of prosperity and well-being, the climate crisis and the call for a sustainable, circular economy, the technology industry has charted its own sustainability strategy: ‘Technology for a better world’.

18.15 Break

18.30 Erwin Verstraelen, CDIO Port of Antwerp/Bruges and CDO of the Year 2022

Port of Antwerp-Bruges, a catalyst towards a sustainable future. That’s our mission and we mean it. How do we make it actionable, not only for ourselves but for an entire port platform with over a 1000 companies. How will it enable the country and in extension Europe to reach its climate goals.

19.00 Close by Peter Vermeylen, Chairman CIOforum & Corporate IT Director Ardena

19.15 Networking opportunity accompanied by food & drinks and pitches at the booths of Extreme Networks & Omina Technologies

21.00 End of Year End Event


Event partners

Extreme Networks delivers end-to-end, cloud-driven networking solutions and top-rated services and support to advance our customers’ digital transformation.  


Founded in 2016, Omina Technologies is an expert company in trustworthy and responsible Artificial Intelligence. Our software platform Justifai and our specialized services, help companies deliver measurable and scalable outcomes with Artificial Intelligence by putting the power of data in the hands of business and functional experts, supporting fair and ethical decision-making while ensuring full compliance, and minimizing legal and reputational risk.