Summer Event

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16:00 - 20:00


Salons Van Edel, Wilrijk

Does your company data usage deliver golden nuggets?


15.30 Welcome – Visit of booths and drinks

16.00 Introduction of Summer Event, Erwin Verstraelen 

16.10 Key note by Isabel Van Mele, Chief Data Officer ING Belgium and Domestic Netherlands 
“Agile data management as cornerstone in Unite transformation to new generation bank”
ING is accelerating its “thinking forward” strategy to empower customers to be a step ahead in both life and business. We believe that a data driven culture is a key ingredient to lay a foundation for an unbeatable customer experience.We will share how a unique blend of agile way of working and profound data management can be a catalyst while transforming. How to ensure business data continuity and compliancy in a very regulated industry. How to engage data stewards everywhere in the business and address data ethics.

17.00 AI Pitches with d-sides an AE brand, Fourcast, KPMG & Omina Technologies

Bram Vanschoenwinkel, Head of d-sides, an AE brand
“Turning data into competitive advantage”
Using Ma?chine Learning algorithms we transform data into actionable insights that give businesses the competitive advantage they need to flourish in their field. Through co-creation, we instill our own passion for data in our customers and develop data-driven solutions together with them end-to-end.

Renaat Sohl “Manager Processes & Tools at Steinhoff International Sourcing and Logistics”

“The Race for Operational Excellence: Supply Chain Analytics”
With the current trend of automation and data exchange in logistics, the future of supply chain digitization will be driven by data and artificial intelligence. Techniques like predictive analytics, the use of open data, geospatial analytics, process mining as well as the recent advances in deep learning are improving the way the entire supply chain makes use of data. We will zoom in on one project where we optimized the filling rate of containers before shipping. A self-service simulation dashboard was developed to give planners advice about optimal shipment of orders, leading to reduced costs of operations.

Koen Landsheere, CIO KBVB

“Becoming a Data D?riven Organization”
The Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA), represents all 4?.000 football clubs in Belgium and organises 300.000 games every season. Their ambassadors abroad are the Belgian Red Devils. The RBFA has more than 1.5 million registered members and wants to provide a hyper-personalized experience on all digital channels, make it smart and finally boost the RBFA image as an innovative organization. The Google Cloud Platform built together with Fourcast helps them to get a true 360 view of their members by combining internal data with social and public data and applying machine learning to get better insights and serve all digital channels as well as expand to new channels like Google Assistant

Annelies De Corte, KPMG Lighthouse Data & Analytics Coach ?
“AI in control (KPMG’s data & analytics framework applied in real life cases)”
Increasingly, algorithms are making vital decisions that impact our daily lives. Their ubiquity is pushing society to demand that AI technologies be reliable, transparent, explainable, fair and ethically sound. As a consequence, installing appropriate governance and illustrating responsible use of their (advanced) mathematical models and tools will be key differentiators for organizations.?

Trees De Bruyne, CEO Riditti
‘Why Creating an Explainable Algorithm is so important in B2B’?

Rachel Alexander, CEO US & Europe Omina Technologies (English)
“In pursuit of AI that tells us why: Explainability and Ethics in AI”
In academia, AI and ethics is being studied rigorously. In politics, governments are investigating how best to regulate . Many AI companies are not taking ethics into account when implementing solutions because of a lack of knowledge and practical solutions . We will discuss the importance of ethical AI and Omina Technologies’ exciting and innovative approach using hybrid AI to tackle issues around ethical AI.

18.00 Network Break with visits of booths

19.00 Keynote by Paul Danneels, Chief Transformation Officer FEDNOT
“Data and AI Transforming Notaries”

19.45 Keynote by Ekaterina Vladislavleva, CEO & Chief Data Scientist DataStories Int. (English)
“On business value from AI, and how CIOs can move the needle”

20.30 Networking opportunity with drinks, food & visit of booths

21.30 Closing of the event