Global CIO Perspectives – State of the Union

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18:00 - 22:00


Parkhotel Montreal, Mechelen


18.00 Registration and welcome drink

18.30 Welcome by CIOforum & Introduction Exertum 

Our first event of the year, the state of the union, has a long standing tradition of being forward looking. We elaborate on topics that are beyond or close to the horizon, to challenge us with topics that are not yet part of our daily scope of focus. This year, space is one of them with two speakers. Next, we focus on API’s and microservices from a business perspective.

18.45 Matthias Spott, CEO founder of EightyLeo Holding GmbH 

Matthias Spott is the Founder and CEO of eightyLEO Holding GmbH. Prior to this, he was the co-CEO of Germany-based test & services group offering innovative solutions for various high-tech industries, e.g. automotive, aerospace, defense and security.
Matthias studied Aerospace Engineering and has 20 years of professional experience in the industry. Before pursuing his entrepreneurial path, Matthias served in various leadership roles at large international corporations for more than 12 years, and as Principal in strategy consulting firms for almost 6 years.

EightyLEO has been established in early 2015 as one of the first European New Space companies with an Integrated Product and Services portfolio to drive “Digitalization from Space”. The most relevant project is the realization of a satellite mega-constellation to provide secure, global broadband connectivity for Industrial Internet of Things applications in real-time – branded under the name of Kaskilo (

19.15 Dr Ing Kamil Chodzynski, Researcher Laboratory of Experimental medicine University of Brussels (ULB) 

Dr Ing Kamil Chodzynski is working in the team of Karim Zouaoui Boudjeltia who is head of the Laboratory of Experimental M├ędicine (ULB 222 Unit) at the University of Brussels, CHU de Charleroi. The projects involved in the research of Mr Karim Zouaoui can be classified into three fields of research:
– Early mechanisms of human atheromatosis- Interactions between blood cells and vascular wall

– Modelisation of biological mechanisms

The team collaborates with the Pr Frank Dubois (Microgravity Research Center, ULB) on projects with the European Space Agency, BIOMICS project. Mr Dr Ing Kamil Chodzynski will elaborate on the project scope that involves cardio vascular research in space, more specifically cerebral aneurysm.

19.30 Leon Chang, Innovation and Strategy Director AT&T 

API’s and microservices are often mentioned in one breath. But what is their relationship, if any? How do you get started, what is required in terms of architecture, and governance? what’s the business in the first place and what are the lessons learned? ATT, who have taken on the journey towards an API architecture as part of a long term strategic plan, will explain us the what, the why and the how of API’s and microservices. 

20.00 Closing & looking forward to our 2018 agenda 

Erwin Verstraelen, Chairman CIOforum

20.15 Networking opportunity accompanied by food and drinks