Listen, Innovate or Disappear

In 2009, the French-speaking broadcaster RTBf decided to merge its broadcast (technical) and information technology teams: 320 staff in total. Consolidation was required: radio journalists sometimes had up to four work stations. Cécile Gonfroid, appointed as director for the new department, decided to rationalize IT through 15 COBIT 4.1 guidelines, focusing on service continuity. “We have to be able to broadcast news, whatever it takes”, says the CIO of the Year.

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Cost Management should fire a discussion on IT’s value creation

Every budget needs proper management and our Boards request cost transparency from the IT department as well. So traditionally, we CIOs create numerous complex spreadsheets to detail our cost as much as possible. But does the business actually want a detailed cost? “We need to change the discussion on cost transparency into one on value creation”, said Ade McCormack at our latest master class.

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